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Blue Ivy Hilariously Stops Beyonce From Telling Cringe Worthy Joke


Blue Iv Carter hilariously tried to stop her mom Beyonce from telling a corny joke.

There comes a time when you realize your parents aren’t cool, even if they are Beyoncé and Jay-Z. To millions around the world, Beyoncé is the epitome of perfection who slays even in her sleep. But to Blue Ivy, she’s just mom. So when Queen Bey told a joke that caused more eye-rolling than genuine laughter, Blue could not help but hang her head in shame and groan internally.

Looking flawless despite wearing no make-up and donning a black hoodie, Beyoncé tried to do what her mama taught her — tell a corny joke. Ms. Tina is notorious on IG for delivering the quips with one-liners that make you wonder why you didn’t see them coming all along, and so her eldest took on the role during the 2020 Wearable Art Gala, which was hosted by Tina and her husband, Richard Lawson. This year’s function was done virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing for a video to be played in which the “Brown Skin Girl” singer exhibited her comedy skills.

“Why does Snoop Dogg need an umbrella?” she asked. Before she could deliver the answer, Blue can be heard saying, “No… that voice. Mom, the voice. No.” Despite the 8-year-old trying time to cover her mother’s mouth, Beyoncé completed her joke with the corny punchline: “For drizzle.”

Tina responded by thanking the mother-of-three, but suggested, “Will you just put on some makeup and get in some good light and stuff ’cause, I mean it’s the Gala, girl. Alright, call me back.” Never one to disappoint, the superstar returned, looking as glam as ever and repeated the joke. Poor Blue.

Bey wasn’t the only one who got their share of candy corn. Solange, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, and even Megan Thee Stallion shared jokes silly enough to make Ms. Tina proud.