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Travis Scott Upset After City Fined Him For Huge McDonald’s Crowd Amid COVID-19 Concerns

Travis Scott got hit with a fine following his huge crowd outside a McDonald’s joint amid COVID-19 concerns.

Travis Scott has found himself on the wrong side of the city of Downey. The Californian city, which is situated in southeast Los Angeles County, is home to the oldest McDonald’s in the world. The restaurant was the third ever opened and has been going strong since 1953, serving as a major tourist attraction. Another attraction which the famous eatery offered was Travis Scott, who this week made a visit to McD’s.

The “Highest in the Room” rapper is the latest member of Ronald McDonald’s family as he now has a meal with his name on it. The Travis Scott Meal launched across the US on September 8th and consists of a Quarter Pounder with cheese, bacon, and lettuce, fries with BBQ sauce, and a Sprite for $6. The meal was inspired by Travis’s own order at the fast food franchise. In addition, the Texas artist has allowed his Cactus Jack brand to form part of McDonald’s new merchandise range, which features T-shirts, hoodies, a rug, and, most excitingly, a body pillow shaped like a giant McNugget.

Travis chose to celebrate launch day at the Downey McDonald’s, where around 500 fans flocked to see him when they heard he was in town. The love and support prompted Travis to get up on a black SUV and offer a spontaneous performance to those gathered — a decision which has now come back to bit him in the metaphorical burger. The city’s municipality says that the rapper and McD’s failed to obtain an event and film permit, leading to both being issued citations and fines of $100.

It’s safe to say that both Travis and McDonald’s can afford the penalty as La Flame is reportedly worth $50 million, and his meal is so popular that it has resulted in McDonald’s reporting a shortage of Quarter Pounders!