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Travis Scott Confirms Partnership With McDonald’s

Travis Scott

Travis Scott has confirmed long standing rumors that he is partnering with McDonald’s for a new menu item.

McDonald’s meals are about to get even happier for Travis Scott fans. Scott, who is among the top-selling rappers in the game, is collaborating with the world’s top-selling fast food franchise, it has been confirmed. It was rumored that Travis was setting something up with Ronald after an ad for a new meal leaked online, showing the “Travis Scott Meal” as comprising of a Big Mac, soft drink, and French fries, all to the cool tune of just $6. There is even a Happy Meal version that will include a mini version of the “Sicko Mode” rapper, as well as a mask to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Now, Travis Scott has confirmed the news, tweeting an image of McDonald’s recognizable French fries in the logo of his Cactus Jack record label, alongside the caption, “Cactus Jack for McDonald’s.” The franchise echoed the good news by sharing a picture of its brown paper bag under the arm of a Travis Scott figurine. The new meal is scheduled to launch this coming Tuesday, with McDonald’s Chief Marketing Officer, Morgan Flatley, revealing that Travis is just the first celeb they are collaborating with and that there are many more famous faces to come.

The Houston artist is no stranger to collaborating with well-known brands as he has his own sneaker range with Nike, created a cereal with General Mills, and held a virtual concert hosted by Fortnite. Travis has also recorded a track for Christopher Nolan’s new blockbuster, Tenet, with the director describing “The Plan” as “the final piece of a yearlong puzzle” and confirmed to GQ that he will be dropping a collaborative album with Kid Cudi following the success of their track, “The Scotts,” which hit no. 1.

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