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Rihanna’s Highly Anticipated Documentary Gets Release Date On Amazon Prime


A new Rihanna documentary should be out by next summer.

Amazon purchased the worldwide rights for a Rihanna feature film that is slated to land on its Prime video platform in summer 2021. The film that will focus on Rihanna’s life and her unmatched entrepreneurial and musical success has been in the making for years. Amazon reportedly dropped a whopping $25 million on the exclusive rights to offer the documentary directed by Peter Berg, the same director behind Battleship, the 2012 sci-fi action movie Rihanna starred in.

In a recent interview with Collider, Berg said he hoped the film would be available by Independence Day 2021. “The Rihanna doc is something I’ve been working on with her for almost four years now,” he said. “Amazon’s gonna release it summer next year, sometime hopefully around the Fourth of July. It’s been a really epic journey, the past four years with her.”

With so much to include in the documentary and Rihanna constantly on the go, it’s like a never-ending filming process. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the documentary is set to feature “unparalleled access into [Rihanna’s] life and more than 1,200 hours of footage.” That’s a lot of screen time for the Rihanna Navy to enjoy. While many of her fans would rather look forward to a release date for her new album, they were appeased by Peter Berg’s reassurance that she is working on new music.

“She’s firing on all cylinders, she’s making new music now and she’s having so much success in business and she’s such an entrepreneur that we’re letting it grow, but we are gonna try and close it up in the spring and release it in the summer,” he said. Rihanna’s highly anticipated ninth studio album, dubbed R9 by fans, has been pending for more than a year. She recently told Access Hollywood, “It’s probably gonna be sooner than my fans think,” about the album’s arrival.

Hopefully, sooner than fans think is sooner than her 2021 documentary.