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TikTok Star Danielle Cohn’s Mother Says Ashanti’s Team Cleared Her “Foolish” Cover

Danielle Cohn’s mom thinks her daughter has been unfairly treated over the whole Ashanti “Foolish” saga.

Social media raised a collective eyebrow when the young TikToker dropped a video over the weekend to her dancing and singing the track “Foolish” by Ashanti. The teenager encouraged her followers to do their own dance to the cover, which she referred to as “her” song. Although TikTok is dominated by Generation Z, anyone born before 1995 knows that those lyrics belong to the R&B superstar. In fact, it was with “Foolish” that Ashanti became only the second artist after The Beatles to debut their first three singles in the top 10 of Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Danielle Cohn had reportedly gained permission from Ashanti’s label to cover the song but forgot to use the word “cover” on her Tik Tok caption, though she did on YouTube and Instagram. That didn’t stop dozens of people calling out her mistake and dragging her for appropriating everything from Ashanti’s music to Black and Hispanic culture. “Not this white Girl stealing Ashanti’s song and trying to claim it as her own…..” read one tweet, while another person wrote, “Girl it’s a cover not your song. Queen Ashanti does not deserve this disrespect.”

In light of the massive backlash, Danielle’s mom has shared a video on the ‘gram of a woman with a degree in music business management who claims that the cover is, in fact, constituted as the 14-year-old’s song. Danielle’s mom, who is also her manager, Jen Archambault, wrote in the caption that she was sickened by “the amount of crap these people on the internet put her through.”

Do you think Danielle has gotten an unfair rap?