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Summer Walker Vents About London On Da Track Breakup, “I Have The Worst Taste In Men”

Summer Walker turned to her burner account to vent about London On Da Track breakup as the the unfollowed each other on IG.

It’s looking like Summer Walker may have returned to singledom. 2020 had been rough for most, but it seems as though the Atlanta artist has been going through her own share of drama that has left fans wondering whether a break-up is amongst the tragedies that have befallen her this calendar year. “I really thought this was gonna be a good year but it turned out to be the WORST YEAR EVER,” she posted on her Instagram Story. “Literally like the saddest day of my life. I have the worst taste in men, I like literally find my childhood trauma and then date it.” It is well-known that Summer has been dating London On Da Track for the last while, and the couple often displays their love on social media, but things have been rocky this past week.

No photos of the “Playing Games” singer currently appear on London’s IG as it is looking more and more likely that the couple had called it quits. Just a few days ago, Summer got entangled in an online altercation with her man’s baby mamas over comments she had made about the mother of Future’s child, Eliza Seraphin.

Summer Walker thought it ridiculous that Seraphin was demanding $53,000 in child support and expressed as much on the ‘gram. Reign’s mama felt that Summer should hold her tongue and rather be supporting fellow Black women, especially as her boyfriend is at the center of his own child support drama.

Following Summer’s remarks, London’s baby mama, Erica Racine, articulated her own thoughts on the singer’s area of expertise, “I’m so tired of Summer Walker using her voice outside of a motherf***in song,” she said before scolding the singer about her inability to relate to females who have kids. Another of London’s exes also got in on the argument by claiming that the record producer doesn’t care about his 3 children and that Summer “always got the nerve to speak on s*** she should be ashamed of.”

Throughout the situation, London remained silent, but it is assumed that words were exchanged between him and Summer Walker behind closed doors based on what seems to be a break-up.