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Rick Ross Shares The Perfect Maybach Music Mask For Smokers

Rick Ross shared with us the perfect Maybach Music Group face mask for smokers.

Everyone’s cashing in on the coronavirus trend, including Rick Ross. The global pandemic has changed the world as we know it, making things like travel agents, lipstick, and even pants decline in value, while face masks and sanitizer have shot up. Many have had to restructure their business models to survive in an environment plagued by a plague, and it looks as though Ross has decided that there is a market for his merchandise while the virus reigns.

The “Pinned to the Cross” rapper has unveiled his new idea for a face mask that allows smokers to still embrace their habit. Some countries, like South Africa, chose to ban the sale of cigarettes during their nationwide lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19, but smoking is still permitted in the US, and Ross has realized that he can accommodate those who want to puff while still protecting themselves.

Rick Ross showed off the smokers edition of the Maybach Music Group face mask that features a Velcro strap, which covers a hole through which a cigarette can be inserted. The entrepreneur didn’t give a date for when the piece of merch would drop, but we can imagine that many fans would like to get their hands on them.

Face masks are not the only trend that Rick Ross has stayed on top of. After Jada Pinkett Smith confessed to having an affair with August Alsina during her marriage to Will Smith, the word “entanglement” became the term of the hour, featuring on everyone’s lips and in a dozen memes. Ross made sure that he was keeping up with the times by recording a diss track with August entitled “Entanglments.”