Rihanna Gets Candid About Love For Chris Brown, “We Love Each Other”

Rihanna gets pretty candid about the love she and Chris Browb shares.

Despite the drama that their relationship endured, Rihanna believes that she and Chris Brown will always have love for each other. Back in 2007, RiRi and Breezy were the “it” couple on the music scene. Both musicians were at the height of their game, and their relationship seemed like a natural fit, but sadly things ended on a bitter note that many fans have still not forgotten more than a decade later. Both were due to perform at the 2009 Grammy Awards, but the “Only Girl in the World” singer pulled out after being physically assaulted in a vehicle by Chris, who subsequently turned himself in.

The former couple understandably broke up, but rekindled their romance four years later, with Rihanna saying that the “With You” singer is not actually the monster that everyone believes him to be.

The second round of their relationship did not last, but Rihanna has now told Oprah that there will always be love there. “We’ve been working on our friendship again, and now we’re very, very close friends. We built up a trust again,” the Fenty founder said during her discussion on SuperSoul Conversations. “We love each other, and we probably always will. That’s not anything we’re going to try and change. That’s something you cant shut off if you’ve ever been in love.” Rihanna described the 31-year-old as the love of her life and truly wants him to be at peace.

The comments may seem like RiRi would like to start something new with Breezy — seeing as she is currently single — but the Virginia artist is in a long-distance relationship with Ammika Harris, who gave birth to their son, Aeko, last November.

Although it would not be the first time that RiRi found love in a hopeless place, it does seem like there is a chance that they might eventually get back together.