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Rick Ross Amped Up His Trolling Of Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent Steers Clear Of Their Beef

Rick Ross turn up the heat on Lloyd Banks as 50 Cent appears to be steering clear of the beef.

Rick Ross continues to set his trolling sights on Lloyd Banks, but the G-Unit rapper has declared that he wants no part of it. Ricky Rozay has really amped up his social media presence along with his trolling lately. After he recently dismissed 50 Cent, who requested his hit song “Blowin’ Money Fast” for the TV mogul’s upcoming Black Mafia Family STARZ TV series soundtrack, Rick Ross launched a trolling parade online.

He soon turned his attention to former G-Unit rapper Lloyd Banks, questioning his financial status and suggesting shady titles for any upcoming projects. “Banks, you still got some money? Show us what you livin’ like,” said Rick Ross on Instagram after jamming to one of the rapper’s old hits. “If you ain’t got no money, I’ll give you five grand for the Banks name. That might be one of my aliases — Dank Sinatra.” Ross later directed another shot at Banks when he said, “I came up with a dope title for Lloyd Banks next LP. Or EP,” he said. “Victim Of Circumstance.”

Lloyd Banks was aloof when he responded to Ross’s slight online. “I’ll NEVER join the circus, so don’t expect it from me,” he wrote. “peace & love.” However, Rick Ross has continued his shenanigans online regardless. He appears to be reveling in an outstandingly great mood ever since he scored a huge legal win over his rival 50 Cent. Fifty filed a lawsuit in 2015 claiming Rick Ross was infringing on copyright when he sampled Fifty’s hit song “In Da Club” on his Renzel Remixes mixtape.

50 Cent initially lost the case because he isn’t the copyright owner of the song either; Shady Records and Aftermath Records are. After filing an appeal in 2018 hoping to atone for the use of his voice on Rick Ross’s project, claiming it was being used to promote the commercial release of another album, a Second Circuit Court of Appeals recently decided to uphold the decision to dismiss the case. Ergo, Rick Ross, is blissfully relieved.

Lloyd Banks and Rick Ross do have their own personal history of beefing also. The G-Unit rapper even once wrote a diss track for Rick Ross in the thick of the feud. Though Lloyd has said he wants no part of beef now, there’s no telling if Rick Ross will relent.

Do you think Rick Ross will continue to antagonize Lloyd Banks?