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City Girls’ Yung Miami Savagely Shade Brandy During Verzuz Then Apologize

Yung Miami

Yung Miami tried to sidestep her post and delete shade towards Brandy.

Brandy had no idea she would cause City Girls rapper Yung Miami to start trending when she said she didn’t know who she was. During her recent Verzuz battle with Monica, Brandy experienced a moment of bewilderment that has become a worthy topic of discussion online.

While introducing her song “Sideline Ho,” to the virtual audience, Monica mentioned her friend Yung Miami by her legal moniker, “Caresha,” but Brandy, like many of us, was oblivious to who that was and became visibly perplexed by the name-dropping. Brandy sought clarity at first, searching with her eyes off-camera, clearly hoping that someone would enlighten her.

In the end, she blatantly asked Monica who it was and was immediately apologetic after learning it was the City Girls rapper. “I should have known that,” said Brandy to Monica. “I’m sorry Caresha.” Though it appeared to be an honest mistake as not everyone in the entertainment industry uses their real first name like Brandy or Monica, Yung Miami ‘jokingly’ shaded Brandy after tracing the source of her name trending.

“I only know 2 Brandy songs so we even,” Yung Miami quipped on Twitter. She was soon on the receiving end of a ton of backlash from many who did not respect her shade towards the singer. The City Girls rapper soon silenced indignant fans when she claimed she was only kidding.

“I was just playing y’all damn I’m singing how you ever right now,” she tweeted. Miami also later chimed in on the Verzuz battle saying, “Tonight was so good,” she wrote. “I’m still living when brandy played when you touch me & when Monica played you should’ve known better.”

The City Girls always seem to be getting into it with fans and can’t seem to escape getting involved in fictitious feuds online either. Recently Yung Miami and her groupmate JT quelled rumors that they were beefing with Cardi B after fans speculated that this was the case when they did not promote the Grammy Award-winning rapper’s new single and even said their dream collaborator is Nicki Minaj.

They have since clarified that wanting to work with Nicki is not a slight to Cardi and blamed fans for often taking things out of context before blowing it out of proportion altogether.

Do you think City Girls should tread carefully until they’re back on fans’ good side?