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Romeo Miller Reacts To Master P and C-Murder’s Beef On IG

Romeo Miller and Master P

Romeo Miller is trying to affect some calm following the family drama involving his father, Master P, and uncle C-Murder.

Romeo Miller’s uncle, C-Murder, has been incarcerated since 2009 as he serves out his life sentence for murder in the second degree. The rapper, whose real name is Corey Miller, was arrested in January 2002 for the murder of teenager Steve Thomas, who was fatally shot at the Platinum Club in Louisiana. Although convicted 20 months later, he was placed on house arrest as he awaited a retrial. In August 2009, a jury found C-Murder guilty of second-degree murder of the 16-year-old, and subsequent appeals to the Supreme Court to overturn the ruling were all denied despite one of the jurors claiming that she was pressured to find him guilty. Two years ago, two witnesses in the case recanted their testimony, alleging that they had been pressured by the authorities to testify against the rapper.

C-Murder and his brother Master P have advocated for a retrial throughout the years, with Kim Kardashian and his ex-girlfriend Monica now reportedly speaking up to try and get the 49-year-old freed. Although initially pleased at the efforts, he later on posted a video on IG in which he expressed his frustration at his brother, seemingly aligning himself closer with friends than family and showing more gratitude to them despite the support his relatives have given throughout the years.

In response to Master P’s rant, his son, Romeo Miller, has now tried to offer some clarity and calm. “This situation has torn a family apart and it’s because the world won’t let brothers be brothers,” the Growing Up Hip Hop star wrote on Instagram. “No family is perfect but nobody on this planet love my family more than my family! Nobody on this planet (other than his kids) love my uncle more than my dad and thats facts.”

Let’s hope that the Millers can overcome their family issues.