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Rick Ros Roast 50 Cent After Scoring Big Court Victory In Third Lawsuit

Rick Ross is taking a victory lap after copping another win in court over 50 Cent in his “In Da Club” lawsuit.

If 50 Cent thought he’d be laughing all the way to the bank by now, he’ll have to get rich another other way or try some other rapper. Fiddy just lost a five year legal battle with Rick Ross over an “In Da Club” sample on Ross’ 2015 Renzel Remixes album. Claiming trademark infringement and that his rights to publicity were violated, 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, sued Ross for $2 million. But after the court’s ruling, that small fortune will be staying put and the highly amused Ross, couldn’t help but clap back at the ‘P.I.M.P’ “#richerthaniveeverbeen.”

Fifty has met his trolling match in the “Maybach Music” mogul, who posted a video response to the news laughing hysterically as the congratulations on his victory pour in. “He who laughs last, laughs best”, Rozay said on Instagram holding up a bottle of his signature Luc Belaire Rosé Fantôme for the celebrations. But the victory was a long time coming according to court documents obtained by Billboard, asserting that “Jackson owns no copyright interest in ‘In Da Club.’”

Rick Ross/IG

The agreement made upon the song’s recording expressly states that Jackson’s then label Shady Records/Aftermath owns “perpetual and exclusive rights during the term of [the Recording Agreement],” and thereafter, a non-exclusive right to use 50’s name and likeness “for the purposes of trade, or for advertising purposes in connection with marketing and exploitation.” The ruling added that Ross was “presumably liable for copyright infringement to Shady/Aftermath, but not” 50 Cent who would have to seek damages from, or bring his case through Shady/Aftermath.

Essentially, since 50 Cent “surrendered his rights to the use of his name, performance and likeness associated with the master recording of ‘In Da Club,’” the courts decided he had no grounds to personally pursue a case against Rick Ross. Attorney John T. Rose told Billboard that Ross was pleased with the outcome and ready to move forward. “This is a matter that’s been drawn out for quite some time and he’s excited to once again finally get it behind him,” Rose said.

Fans who peeped the “B.M.F” hitmaker’s petty antics were openly concerned about Fiddy, who is already a sore loser, let alone after being laughed at as the trolling tables turned. While many seemed certain he was somewhere punching the air, that’s unlikely to phase an upbeat and unbothered Rozay. In addition to the legal win, he’s also fresh from Verzuz Battle victory and has just welcomed a third child with estranged baby mama Briana Camille.