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Kodak Black Credited For “WAP” Movement, New Album Coming Says Attorney

Kodak Black has a new album on the way, but did he started the “WAP” movement?

It’s hard to know if anything is ever completely original these days. Artists often draw inspiration from each other, and sometimes that means taking a seemingly small idea and turning it into a major hit. It looks like that might be the case for Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s recent song, “WAP”, now that Kodak Black fans are speaking up to claim that Kodak is not getting the credit he deserves.

Pointing to Black’s song “Already,” fans have been posting his lyrics, which say, “My name is Kodak but you know that already/I don’t want the WAP, baby, I just want the fetty.” The verse seems to be more of a play on rapper Fetty Wap’s name than the creation of an acronym for a female body part, but fans still think he deserves a shout out.

This isn’t the first time Kodak supporters have claimed that he started a trend that someone else profited from. Cardi’s first big hit, “Bodak Yellow,” was a remix of a Kodak’s song, and the rapper also coined the popular term “Broccoli” as a euphemism for marijuana. One fan Tweeted about the reoccurring theme surrounding the use of Kodak’s ideas, writing, “He started ‘Megs’ let me drive the boat…Cardi B literally remixed her first huge song off Kodak…Now cardi using WAP off Kodak.. Admit he get sh*ts flowing in the rap world”.

While it seems like Kodak fans might be a little annoyed over his lack of recognition, they do have a least one thing to be happy about. Black’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, who also thinks Kodak deserves credit for “WAP,” recently assured questioning fans that a new album is on the way from the incarcerated rapper. It is unclear if a new project will be utilizing previously recorded tracks or if we are waiting for the rapper to be free, but Cohen has been working diligently to move up Kodak’s current October 2022 release date.