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Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion Giving Away $1 Million Cash, Here’s How You Can Get It

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion are flush with cash and they’re giving some away.

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion owe a great deal to their die-hard fanbases, the Hotties, and the Bardi Gang. Feeling festive after the series of wins their overnight hit “WAP” produced, the pair decided to pay it forward while promoting their single. Cardi and Megan cleverly created a million dollar giveaway on Wednesday, giving away $500 via Twitter and Cash App to 2,000 lucky ladies who simple use the hashtag #WAPParty along with their $Cashtag.

The support for “WAP” started a viral women empowerment conversation that the unstoppable pair is throwing weight behind in a major way. “Today through 8/20, women who Tweet with #WAPParty and their $Cashtag will have a chance at receiving a portion of the 1M dollars through Cash App,” the announcement said. “To celebrate and honor the inspirational conversation that’s been happening in response to the song, Meg and Cardi will be giving back to women in a big way, starting today.”

In addition to chart-toppers, the two are clearly expert marketers, as the hashtag is already the number one trending topic in the United States. “To all everyone supporting #WAP we see you!! We’re partnering with Twitter and Cash App to celebrate all the powerful women out there by giving away a total of $1 million dollars,” the Stallion shared on Twitter. “How can some $ help you or a woman you know right now? drop your $cashtag and use #WAPParty.”

Since the duo decided to spread the winning around, deposits have already hit, and the lucky fans are totally ecstatic. “Y’all made #WAP amazing!!,” Cardi tweeted, and the reactions to their incredible gesture to share that sentiment have been priceless. One fan who tweeted on her mom’s behalf, “Can help my mom get her LLC for her business” shared her mom’s dumbfounded reaction when the request came through. All she could manage was “Yo, like what the hell? Like Cardi & Megan, y’all are the bomb.. like that’s my LLC right there. That’s my LLC.”

As the frenzy continues, there may be more success yet for the rap team. As if the Collin Tilley directed video wasn’t suggestive enough, #WAP’s intriguing lyric video premiered today. Overflowing with provocative and salacious animations, it would be no surprise if the fiery females topped Youtube’s lyric video records with the bright, bawdy visuals.