DaBaby Shuts Down Fan Claiming To Be His Doppelganger, “Boy Hell Nah”


DaBaby quickly shut down a fan who claimed to be his look-a-like.

DaBaby hasn’t always been the kindest to his fans, with yet another instance to add to the list. With an excess of 7 billion people on the planet, chances are that some are going to look a bit like each other. After all, there is an entire doppelgänger week dedicated to that, with people often changing their profile pictures to celebrities whom they resemble. A Twitter user, who calls himself Chicko Santana, would probably have changed his photo to that of DaBaby but is now likely having second thoughts.

Chicko posted a tweet that read, “Apparently I look like @DaBabyDaBaby what yall think?” alongside a picture of himself to help the Twitterverse decide. While some who replied agreed, someone who did not was the “Rockstar” rapper himself. DaBaby retweeted the post with the shady comment, “Boy hell nah,” before softening the blow by saying, “I f*** witcha tho.”

Last month, DaBaby was unimpressed with another fan who mistook him for fellow artist, Roddy Ricch with whom he collaborated on “Rockstar.” The fan approached the Charlotte native in his SUV and told him that he was a fan of his music — except, when asked which tracks, he mentioned “The Box” by Roddy. DaBaby’s response was a curt, “F*** you, n****.” Unfortunately, DaBaby’s rough history with fans doesn’t just end there as he faced legal action earlier this year after hitting a woman that attended his show in Tampa.

The rapper was making his way towards the stage when a woman, who was obviously trying to take a picture of the star, waved her phone in front of his face. DaBaby reverted into fight or flight mode and slapped the woman. The crowd was left in shock, and mass booing caused DaBaby to have to call off the gig before he had even performed a single track.