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Boosie Badazz Shares Clip Of Suge Knight’s Mansion With Famous Tub 2Pac Took Nude Pics

Boosie Badazz
Boosie Badazz / @officialboosieig

Boosie Badazz is showing off Suge Knight’s crib, where he filmed his new music video.

While Death Row Records founder Suge Knight sits in a jail cell, rapper Boosie Badazz is in his home, which is the stage for his latest music video production. The Baton Rouge rapper took to Instagram on Thursday (August 6) to share a video of him inside the home. In the clip, he is seen in the bathroom showing off the bathtub where he says the late Tupac Shakur snapped the iconic photo of his privates covered in chains.

“I’m at Suge house, yeah n***a legendary sh*t,” Boosie Badazz said in the Instagram video. “This [is] the famous tub Tupac took that picture in with all the jewelry on his sh*t.” It’s also the same home and tub seen in the music video for Tupac’s Gold-certified hit “I Get Around” from 1993.

Alongside the video he posted, Boosie scribed a caption paying respects to Pac who he is actually a huge fan of. “#legendary #2pac #Suge I shot a video at the house they laid they head at in the hills #livin im happy as f**k yall know I love pac,” the rapper wrote. Lil Boosie seemed genuinely excited to be there as he recalled Tupac’s presence.

Tupac’s legacy is immortal, and while some fans have made their peace with his death, others have co-signed conspiracy theories that he is still alive and well. Back in the day, Snoop Dogg allegedly told cops that Suge Knight was responsible for Pac’s death. According to a 1998 police report that surfaced last year and a story Snoop himself recently told, shortly after he left Death Row Records and signed with No Limit Records in 1998, some goons attacked him backstage at an event and he made a narrow escape. Snoop told cops that he was sure the ambush was meant to be an intimidation tactic as a result of his departure from the label. He also called Suge a hitman in an old interview.

On the other hand, Suge Knight’s son claims that Tupac is alive and well and currently resides in Malaysia. He has even shared what he claims are recent photos of the rapper. Boosie Badazz being the die-hard Tupac fan that he does not believe that for a second. Last December, he shut down the claims on Instagram saying, “Pac would have been called my f***ing phone checking in. Pac ain’t in no f***ing Malaysia.”

A day after he posted the Instagram video inside Suge Knight’s house, fawning over Pac, Boosie released his new music video for “Mop With It” with rapper MO3. It looks like they didn’t use the “famous tub,” though. Check out Boosie’s post on Instagram and the new visuals on YouTube.