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50 Cent Was Extra Happy To See JLo and A-Rod Family Dancing to His Classic Song

50 Cent

50 Cent found a piece of content on IG that made him happy.

There is something about a global pandemic that makes everyone reminisce on the good old days. Part of this nostalgia has come in the form reliving music from a simpler time, namely 90s and early 2000s hip hop and R&B. This era had an especially large amount of feel-good dance music, and a current trend finds people listening to their favorite hits from the past couple decades and turning up to them on social media. J Lo and her hubby Alex Rodriguez brought the whole family in to dance to an upbeat playlist on Instagram, and even 50 Cent shared a clip of the video featuring his song “In Da Club”.

“How cool is this, super cool LOL,” Fifty wrote on his own Instagram. The clip Fif shared started with the Outkast track “Ms. Jackson”, followed by 50’s song, and ending with Ludacris’ hit “Move B*tch”. J Lo jokingly shoved her daughter out of the frame when the Luda track came on, and people in the comment section couldn’t help but make fun of the push while also clowning A Rod for his dance moves. While it’s usually 50 Cent doing the trolling, this time he kept the post entirely positive.

This isn’t the first sign of Fifty doing a bit of emotional maturing lately. He also went out of his way to apologize to Megan Thee Stallion after realizing that she was truly hurt during a recent incident that ended in her getting shot in both feet. “Damn I didn’t think this sh*t was real,” he wrote. “It sounded so crazy @theestallion I’m glad your feeling better and I hope you can accept my apology. I posted a meme that was floating around. I wouldn’t have done that if I knew you was really hurt sorry.” While the petty 50 Cent can be entertaining, it’s nice to see a more humble and positive side of the rapper and mogul.