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Nicki Minaj Addresses Beef With Hairstylist Arrogant Tae, What Went Down

Nicki Minaj and her now former hairstylist Arrogant Tae are beefing.

Nicki Minaj is addressing what really transpired between her and her hairstylist after they unfollow each other on Instagram. Fans quickly ascertained that Nicki hired someone new to do her hair for the promotional video she posted on her Instagram today. The Queen Radio star collaborated with A$AP Ferg and MadeinTYO for their fresh single “Move Ya Hips” which Urban Islandz reported a snippet of leaked weeks ago. Though a music video wasn’t shot for the song, Nicki assured fans that a lyric video would be up later today.

To promote the new single, the “Chun Li” rapper took to Instagram to share a short clip of her in all her baby bump glory rocking a pink lace front wig with a bun and chopsticks. According to Nicki’s resident hairstylist Tae, the Barbz “switched up” on him when she hired another hairstylist named Jonathan to do the job. Apparently, Tae has been at odds with the other hairstylist recently and saw the move by Nicki as an insult.

“I’ve learned my lesson being loyal to ppl n real n sticking by ppl side don’t get you nomore!” Tae wrote in a rant on his Instagram stories. “Bt hey it’s life, u can’t trust ppl,” he continued. “Ppl are petty bt I’m done dealing with ppl who’s not loyal!! Bt shid let’s turn all the way up then.” Nicki went live on Instagram for a few minutes to offer a brief explanation that made Tae out to be the brat. According to the expecting rapper, Tae canceled on her last-minute though he knew about the video shoot months in advance and based on what Nicki explained he seems to do that quite often.

“He canceled on me 48 hours before the shoot,” Nicki said adding that she even asked Tae to ship her the wig overnight so she could have someone else install it but he refused. She continued, “So with 24 hours left I had to call somebody and thank God someone came to do it because it was really important for me because we don’t have a video with the song and this little Instagram video is promotional for the song.”

Nicki Minaj went on to say she might have spoiled her hairstylist by never quite having the appropriate reaction when he cancels which is frequently and so he might have felt like it’s okay but according to the Queen, she “has to work” even if he won’t. “So with 24 hours left to get my hair done should I have not been able to post a promotional video for my song coming out? Like what?” the rapper asked in a confused tone.

Elsewhere in the live video, Beenie Man checked in and questioned if Nicki’s electricity was out as she was recording in the dark. That made the rapper laugh a bit as she responded, “No, Beenie Man my light isn’t gone” adding that she just isn’t showing her face on social media right now. The rapper ended the short Instagram Live session by assuring fans that she has some major surprises in store for them. She also expressed that she is remaining calm and not letting the petty social media drama trigger her.

“Just know that I am having a good ol’ time just staying in my peaceful zone, not letting anybody bring me out of that,” Nicki Minaj assured. Check out her new song “Mova Ya Hips” which is available now on all platforms.

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