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Chris Brown Unfollows Everyone On Instagram Sparks Ammika Harris Angry Outburst

Chris Brown unfollowed everyone on Instagram except for Royalty, sparking an angry outburst from his baby mama Ammika Harris.

Singer/ songwriter Chris Brown has had a better 2020 than most, dropping a mixtape with Young Thug with their latest single, “Go Crazy”, now making its way into the Tik Tok hall of fame. It seems the world can’t get enough of the Chris Brown collaborations, and last weekend, fans took it up a notch, calling for a Breezy vs Usher Verzuz Battle for the next episode of the entertaining virtual event.

After shutting down several enthusiastic requests and expectations, the “Fine China” crooner unfollowed everyone on Instagram in a surprising but not unfamiliar move. The mother of his 8-month-old son, Ammika Harris, also left a frustrated post on her IG Stories — “mfk tired” — turning the speculation all the way up on what really sparked his actions.

It seems that Chris Brown has unfollowed everyone on Instagram as of today except for his 6-year-old daughter Royalty. Breezy pulled this same stunt before about a year ago, claiming at the time that his massive unfollowing was because he’s “not a follower.”

This time, fans think he may have been just as emotionally riled up about by those questioning and analyzing his catalogue during the Verzuz frenzy, especially when he’s this close to dropping his tenth studio effort, ‘Breezy.’ The internet consensus was that Usher would run circles around the ambitious but relatively young crooner, even though Brown contended he could cruise through the contest with just his feature tracks alone.

There’s another argument that once again, Brown’s love life might be on the rocks. Despite being cozy during Covid-19, Ammika Harris’s frustrated post has the internet guessing whether there’s trouble in paradise after all. Add to that the pressure of outperforming his other albums plus his peers, and maybe Breezy does need a time out to reset and come back stronger than ever.

We know he’s always working at his crafts and talents, obsessed with maintaining his supernova success by staying at the top of his game. “Only vs ima do is CHRIS BROWN VS CHRIS BREEZY… not in competition with nobody but myself …” he said on Instagram about who in the industry he thinks can top his current level.