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NLE Choppa Explains What Kanye West Means When He Invokes Harriet Tubman

NLE Choppa, one of Memphis, Tennessee’s brightest young rappers, is not about to sit idly by while Kanye West, one of Chitown’s biggest names gets misinterpreted and ultimately canceled. Just days ago Kanye West made what many have categorized as unsavory and controversial comments against abolitionist icon Harriet Tubman during his presidential “rally” in South Carolina. According to Mr. West, Tubman did not actually free the slaves, and she simply sent them to work for the Whites.

While Kanye was being hit with numerous push backs from the public and other entertainers such as Trey Songz, T.I. and even 50 Cent, the “Shotta Flow” rapper exercised his right to free speech on his Twitter account.

“I think y’all misunderstood watt Kanye said but at the same time idk til he explain himself. I think he saying yes Harriet Tubman freed the slaves but we still was under the whites. We didn’t own any land, jobs, anything. Basically free in our eyes but the system still against us,” he penned.

He sounded off another introspective tweet shortly after, asking his followers, “How we free when THEY own damn near everything, they put us in the hood so we can fail. Gave us drugs, guns, etc to land us in jail and treat us like slaves. I know n__gas with life sentences over drugs but seen pedophiles live in these surburbs free as can be.”

While replying to a fan who saw the disparities and inequalities in today’s society as a separate phenomenon from slavery he wrote, “That’s y’all problem y’all rather settle then to say the system fucced up n need to be set for us to win too.”

The enlightened 17-year-old rapper further questioned his followers about possible ways to change the narrative in order to bring about greater progress for the black race.

A day later, it seems the young rapper was back in defense mode for Ye, who once again hopped unto Twitter to share a string of tweets. One such tweet spoke about infidelity in his marriage to Kim at the hands of Meek Mill. Since then, both Kim and Meek have called Ye’s claims false.

Kanye has not made an appearance on Twitter since his last fizz out, but we could see a statement coming very soon if he is not able to give fans the album he promised last week. NLE Choppa seems set to battle it out with fans as well, if he does not producer a full body of work on July 24, 2020, as he promised.

It seems both NLE Choppa and Kanye have quite a few things in common.