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Chronixx Drops “Cool As The Breeze/Friday” Visual Off ‘Dela Splash’ Album

Chronixx is floating around like a King in the new visuals for his song “Cool As The Breeze/Friday,” which he released this week.

The Grammy-nominated reggae singer is getting ready to release his new album Dela Splash later this year. He has already released three of the songs from the upcoming project, including the latest “Cool As The Breeze/Friday,” which is about every day feeling like Friday in sweet Jamaica. Light-hearted fun, aesthetically pleasing locations, and authentic Jamaican culture is the backdrop of the vibrant music video that accompanies it.

“Mi work every day, inna the street/And everyday end with nights like these/When a holiday, wi touch pan di beach/White t-shirt and a cut off jeans/And we nuh need no sneakers/Sand grains a massage mi feet/Blessing a flow like river/Girl drop asleep, she steam the indica/Wake her an seh/The sun burning up til it red/Welcome to Kingston, every day is a summer/Every night feel like a Friday,” Chronixx sings on the track.

Chronixx Clarks/IG

The music video directed by Meji Alabi has amassed over 300K views since its release and is currently #14 on the local YouTube trending chart. Chronixx stands out in his drip as he makes space for montages of city lights, traditional daytime antics to nighttime street parties, and a myriad of other Jamaican faces. Perhaps the most interesting part of the visuals is when Chronixx is seen literally floating around the streets while his friends ride behind him. As he sits on a single-seat tan couch, the reggae crooner levitates above ground, leading a convoy of motorcycles and old school cars.

On the new track, the reggae artist says, “This tune is about everyday people of the world, but really a song about us in a Jamaican life that we live,” he stated in a press release. “Making sure we have the right music, culture, and energy to keep our mind uplifted throughout the struggle and building a better life for ourselves,: he continued. “No matter the intensity of the heat, and no matter how hot the reality get, we still haffi remain cool as the breeze you now. It’s the balance of being able to go through all the different forces of life you know and stay up… it’s an upliftment song.”

Chronixx’s sophomore effort follows his 2017 debut album Chronology, which was nominated for a Grammy the following year. Earlier this year in March, Chronixx released the prelude to his upcoming album called “Dela Splash” then, in June, he followed-up with the Kabaka Pyramid-assisted “Same Prayer” before his latest single being unveiled this week.

Check out the feel-good new music video for “Cool As A Breeze/Friday” now.