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Meek Mill Calls Out Nicki Minaj Stans For Trolling Him Over Her Pregnancy

Meek Mill is over Nicki Minaj’s followers for constantly trolling him over her pregnancy.

It is amazing how much time internet trolls seem to have on their hands these days, so much so, that even celebrities feel like the constant commentary is getting to be a bit much. Meek Mill spoke out about his followers’ obsessive analytics when it comes to his social media activity this week, although some feel like Meek might be the one that is a bit obsessed. The rapper and ex-boyfriend of Nicki Minaj caught backlash after Nicki announced her pregnancy on Monday when followers noticed his comment on a Nicki-related post.

The post that earned all this attention came from one Twitter user who joked, “Y’all got 1 time to share Nicki Minaj pregnancy picture on your story or timeline and you getting blocked. She don’t know you and; she didn’t post you when you were pregnant.”

The comment caught a lot of attention, including some from Meek, who dropped a bunch of laughing emojis below the threat. His comment was soon deleted, but not before celebrity news outlets screenshotted the interaction and called Meek out for participating in a joke about his ex. It didn’t take long for Nicki Minaj fans to come for Meek, asking why he always seems so inclined to have something to say about Nicki’s personal life.

Meek decided to fire back at the trolls, pointing out that all he did was leave a few emojis, and some people clearly have a lot of energy to waste on being worried about it. “You got people following you and every move you make…,” he wrote. “Judging and complaining about every move you make on their socials…what is that? Get inside your own body a lil more and chill.” Despite the wisdom in his words, Meek’s advice was met with even more vitriol in the comment section. Trolls will be trolls, after all.