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Meek Mill Reacts To Nicki Minaj Pregnancy, Gets Trolled On Twitter By The Barbz

Fans are trolling Meek Mill online amidst Nicki Minaj’s pregnancy announcement.

Though Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj called it quits more than three years ago and have since both moved on with new families, it’s no secret that the two are still not cordial. So much so that whenever there is news about one, it always gets fans talking about the other. When Nicki Minaj dropped a huge photobomb on Instagram announcing that she was pregnant with her and her husband Kenneth Petty’s first child, fans began to roast Meek Mill.

One fan on Twitter said, “Nicki Minaj pregnant you know meek prolly having a panic attack,” mocking the Philadelphia rapper over the aged rumor that he is still not over the Queen Radio star after their two-year relationship. Most of the memes portrayed Meek’s further disenchantment with his former girlfriend and current nemesis after opening up social media to the news. Nicki announced the pregnancy with a stunning photo of her baby bump on Instagram. Meek’s name is now popping up with memes of a teary-eyed Michael Jordan, people having major breakdowns, demoralized athletes, a recently seemingly heartbroken Will Smith… you get the drift.

Meek Mill reacted to a story on his ex-girlfriend’s pregnancy on IG before quickly deleting the comment.

The news has even driven a bigger wedge between the MMG rapper and Nicki fans who can’t seem to agree on either rapper’s intentions. “Meek had a baby now Nicki wanna have one,” one fan wrote with the crying laughing emoji. A member of Nicki’s ferocious Barbz community was sure to respond to this quip writing, “Meek still struggling to find a happy home and jump from b*tch to b*tch, dirty a** b*tch,” the Nicki stan wrote.

Some fans suggested that Meek Mill’s whole day will be different now with the news oversaturating the entertainment feeds. “Nicki pregnant… yeah, Meek boutta have a attitude wit Milano all day,” one user wrote. On the other side of the spectrum, a few fans defended Meek’s image arguing that he couldn’t care less about Nicki’s pregnancy.

In one social media post, a fan compared Meek to a video of 6ix9ine laid upon a piano sipping on a liquor bottle all alone. “Meek Mill after opening twitter and seeing Nicki Minaj is pregnant,” they wrote alongside the clip. A Meek stan retorted, “Nicki got pregnant by a registered sex offender/rapist meanwhile Meek been levelling [sic] up ever since they split… Trust me Meek don’t care.”

“Meek don’t give 2 sh*t about nicki being pregnant,” another fan added. Others stood by and only chimed in to acknowledge the irony in Meek Mill trending when Nicki Minaj is the one who is having a baby with her husband. “How can you lot get Meek trending bc Nicki is pregnant?” someone questioned. “It’s crazy once anything Nicki related happens, Meek is automatically attached,” another said.

The Philly rapper is yet to speak on the news but is likely reading all the reactions online. Imagine him waking up to his name trending and finding out why. Check out some of the reactions from fans on social media.