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Bow Wow Gets Rare Praises From Fans For Fatherhood After This Clip With His Daughter

Bow Wow Shadmoss

If you saw Bow Wow trending on Twitter earlier it was because of this clip.

Bow Wow’s daughter has quite the moves, and the rapper couldn’t be prouder. Bow Wow made a number for himself as a teenager, dropping his debut album at the age of 13 after first being noticed by Snoop Dogg, who gave him his name. As a teen, Bow Wow also starred in films like All About the Benjamins and Like Mike as he expanded his talents in more than one medium. Now, it seems his daughter is tapping into that talent as she trolls her famous dad.

While Bow Wow chatted to his fans on Instagram Live, his 9-year-old did an outstanding impersonation of her father’s dancing in the music video for his 2005 track “Let Me Hold You.” “Ya done for the day,” the rapper quipped. Shai pulled the same stunt on his next IG Live, which his followers found hilarious. “[Kids] catch on to, like, what you’ve done or — you know what I mean? They just inherit it,” Bow Wow said fondly. The young girl may have quite an acting career ahead of her based on the other social media videos she has created. Bow Wow shared one of Shai’s TikToks in which she perfectly lip-synced the roles of a psychiatrist and patient.

The former child star has embraced his role as a father, revealing that he has been educating his daughter on the Black Lives Matter protests. In response to Shai asking questions about the events taking place across the United States, Bow Wow absorbed as much news as he could, and got involved in activism, so he would have the answers for his little girl.