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Offset Clapped Back At Troll Who Says Migos Fell Off, Reveals Size Of His Bank Account

Offset had to let a troll on IG know that his bank account didn’t fell off.

With two number one albums in the last five years alone, it would be hard to argue that Lawrenceville rap trio Migos is irrelevant or subpar. They’ve remained a chart-topping commercial success since the days of the breakout banger “Versace,” which was co-signed by Drake, and the three have even thrived as solo artists with smash hits like “Clout” and “I’m the One.” With all that and more on the table, there’s still those who feel the “Walk It, Talk It” rappers are washed-up despite the growing hype around their upcoming third album “Culture III.”

Offset went in on one such troll on Monday, shutting @kidsfears down with a few facts in response to his comment, “Y’all fell of bro no cap.”

On his Instagram account on Monday, Offest posted a throwback image of the Georgia based group in their early, pre-Billboard blowup days. His caption, “WE THE GREATEST WE ARE CULTURE THE FLOW YOU STOLE!!” sparked the cynical comment, but even though he’s busy preparing to release a new project later this year, Offset literally had time today to teach the IG user a thing or two.

“How? the last album Migos put out did 200k first week,” he shot back with a red faced emoji, playing up the troll’s obvious error while citing 2018’s #1 debut, “Culture II”. When @packnessbeats added “cause that was 2 and a half years ago”, Offset quipped, “still stitting on 22m’s”, making it known that though it’s been years, he’s still paid up.

Internet instigator DJ Akademiks chimed in, noting that the “Bad and Boujee” band was still pulling serious weight and clout regardless of what naysayers sprayed in the comments section.

“offset wanna know tf yall think #migos fell off?? Seriously tho .. I seen that comment a few times remember the last album they dropped went crazyyyy… so explain to me how u think they fell off if u think so??” AK wrote below a highlighted screenshot of the clapback comment posted on his page.

The trio is currently suing their former talent lawyer for malpractice, excessive fees, and conflicts of interest, claiming they have been “cheated out of millions.” There’s also plenty of new Migos music according to a recent tweet from Quavo, and so it’s hoped they’ll be able to focus on just their upcoming projects soon enough.