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T.I. Sounds Off On Nick Cannon’s Firing, Invokes Breonna Taylor’s Murder


T.I. want the cops who murder Breonna Taylor to be fired as quickly as Nick Cannon lost his job with ViacomCBS.

In the age of cancel culture, careers can end based on just a few words. Such is the case for Nick Cannon, who has lost his job and his formerly non-controversial image after conducting an interview on his podcast during which he shared several thoughts that were later deemed racist and anti-Semitic by the powers that be. His contract with Viacom was quickly terminated despite having issued an apology stating, “I do not condone hate speech nor the spread of hateful rhetoric.” It seems his words were considered too little and too late, and now the media jack-of-all-trades is left unemployed.

T.I. took to Instagram after the incident to point out an issue that seems to be on the minds of many Americans who have been watching the Nick Cannon situation play out. “Hmmm…,” he wrote. “Nick Cannon loses his job faster than any of the cops who killed Breonna Taylor.”

The swiftness with which Cannon was dismissed after entertaining some controversial ideologies on his podcast doesn’t seem to align with the agonizingly slow pace of the criminal justice system when it comes to prosecuting police who murder Black Americans. As of right now, only one of Breonna Taylor’s murderers have been fired, and none have been arrested.

Nick Cannon’s statements were undoubtedly outside the realm of practicality and based on fringe theories that are unsupported by historical fact. However, many people who have criticized the backlash Nick received point out that his opinion is not directly hurting anyone the way the structure of white supremacy has for generations.

Nick may believe that white people are “savage” or inherently “less,” but he isn’t building that belief into every system that keeps our society running, therefore his words are just that—words. Meanwhile, the police who killed Breonna Taylor walk free. Click here to find out how you can help bring her murders to justice.

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