Drake Shows Off His Highly Decorative Back In Barbados Left Twitter Shook

Drake decided to show off his highly decorative back in Barbados and the trolls on Twitter had a field day.

Once upon a time, being heavily tatted made you stand out in a crowd. Nowadays, it seems like tattoos can be found on almost everyone under the age of forty, especially those in the music industry. Celebrity tattoos are often a topic of discussion amongst fans and trolls alike, perhaps because us regular folk hold superstar tats to a higher standard. Unfortunately for Drake, it seems his body art has not met expectations, and now followers are dragging him on social media for recent pictures that show off his many back tattoos.

While on vacation in Barbados, Drake was pictured from behind with his shirt off, displaying a whole lot of ink. Portraits of his mother, grandmother, and uncle are among the many faces etched into his broad frame, as well as images of Sade and Aaliyah.

The portraits seem to be done by competent artists, but social media commenters couldn’t help but discuss the general lack of cohesiveness of the work. The tattoos are oddly scattered with large blank spaces in between, and of course, the trolls kept the jokes rolling Drake’s way in response.

“Drake has the worst tattoos ever,” remarked one Twitter user, “They don’t even look bad they just look so unorganized.” Another tweeted the comparison, “Drake’s tattoos look like a middle schooler’s locker.” Coming in with what might be the winning comment, one follower quipped, “They said Drake tattoos look like a zoom meeting.”

While Drake surely has the resources to get high-quality work done, the fact remains that getting your entire back tatted takes time. Choosing to cover his personal canvas with portraits of loved ones and artists he admires is a personal choice that can still be salvaged, but Drake may need to make his way back to a tattoo shop when his vacation is over to get some help bringing it all together.