Alkaline Adds Lecturer To His Resume, Drops “We Up” Banger

Alkaline as now added lecturer to his resume’, and today’s lesson aims to educate his fans on survival 101.

Alkaline is back with a new banger, “We Up” where he spits game on how to amass riches. Sadly this lesson will do you no good in the Amazon. However, it should prove absolutely essential for this harsh economic jungle in which we live. Like all good lessons, it comes with a moving story and delivered in a beautiful package. The package in question is the Vendetta Boss’ latest track titled, “We Up.”

Alkaline talks rich business and rich badness as he flows over the Armzhouse Music produced beat. He details just how he goes about securing the big bucks, meanwhile, clowning those who have not taken the time to learn the tricks of the trade.

“Hard work wol heap a hours and we make time couldn’t rest, guvybat only know fi play checker and no chess, a rookie dem a rookie dem we no see dem watch dem a fret,” he deejays during the first verse. He lets us in on a couple of his massive goals during the second verse. “No fame gi mi fortune, millions a bathe inna so me no need to no bathroom,” he delivers, in the most conversational of tones.

He offloads more about how he gained his street knowledge before letting it known that his haters will never stop his hustle.

You can check out the inspiration cut from Alkaline below.