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Meek Mill Reacts To DJ Akademiks Banned From Twitch & Suspended From ‘Everyday Struggle’

Meek Mill ceased on the opportunity to react to DJ Akademiks getting banned from Twitch and allegedly suspended from Everyday Struggle due to his recent Chrissy Teigen rant.

Urban Islandz reported earlier this week that DJ Akademiks went off on a wild rant about John Legend’s album sales and disrespecting the singer’s wife, Chrissy Teigen. The hip hop podcaster called her names like “b*tch” and told her to “s*ck a d*ck” and even dare John Legend to do something about it. AK was on Twitch at the time with thousands of viewers tuning in live. Someone captured the rant and posted it on YouTube and other social media sites.

John Legend nor his wife Chrissy Teigen have yet to react to DJ Akademiks rant, but it appears someone might’ve quietly filed a complaint to Twitch who took decisive action. There’s no official statement from Complex at the time of this publication re Akademiks alleged suspension from their show Everyday Struggle. However, during Thursday’s show, AK apologizes for a bunch of things he said and revealed that he spoke with Complex leadership about what’s been happening, and everybody agrees that he should take some time off, which means he will be absent from the next two episodes.

Meek Mill has since reacted to the news of AKs’ fallout. “And banned from the trenches,” Meek wrote in a tweet that reads, “DJ Akademiks has been suspended by Complex for harsh comments. One more thing, Twitch has banned him from live streaming.”

AK also responded to Meek’s tweet saying, “U swear ni**as tryna be in the trenches.. we online…”

It’s unclear if Akademiks will ever get to go back live on Twitch, where he had a large following, but as of now, he will be back on Everyday Struggle later this month.