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Meek Mill Calls DJ Akademiks A Bad Police Who Got People “Killed And Hurt”

DJ Akademiks might’ve handed another L to Meek Mill for claiming he’s canceled for being a bad police who get people “killed and hurt.”

Philly rapper Meek Mill has been the bearer of a lot of harsh criticism for a while now. He has a strong online presence and has built up a reputation as a “troll” and a “crybaby”. In most cases, his statements are met with backlash and disagreement. His most noteworthy online Ls come from his on-going battle with fellow rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine. Meek strongly dislikes and hates on 6ix9ine due to him co-operating with the feds, making him what many call a “rat” and a “snitch.” Through this, a feud with Tekashi’s biggest supporter, DJ Akademiks, has been born.

Meek Mill and DJ Akademiks have had their fair share of harsh words thrown at each other. No one can forget when Ak labeled Meek as irrelevant. Recently, Meek asked Ak to desist from speaking about him on social media. Ak quickly pointed out that Meek had made a similar request before, and then he turned around and complained that Ak wasn’t promoting his music. However, Ak obliged. Interestingly, this didn’t stop him from voicing his feelings regarding Meek via a Twitch live stream.

“You don’t know how to take a joke, and you don’t know how to work this s*it. I’ve never seen Meek Mill press an actual gangsta. But they can’t wait to run into the blog ni*ga. I’ve never seen Meek do nothing to another hood ni*ga,” Ak states.

Then on June 29, Ak became a participant in a whole new feud involving Freddie Gibbs. After making statements about Jeezy’s musical relevancy in today’s industry, Gibbs was cited as “absolutely irrelevant” by Ak. The pair then dived headfirst into a nasty back and forth on Twitter, taking shots at one another. Apparently Meek saw this as a good opportunity to aggressively come at Ak, attempting to laugh it off in the process.

“Akademiks canceled because he’s a bad police and our culture don’t need them…he also gassed a lot of beef that got people killed and hurt and never donated a dollar to the culture! We gone holla at you next run champ lol,” Meek wrote on Twitter.

Making no attempts to even entertain the conversation Ak responded via Twitter, “You can’t cancel anyone meek.” Meek returned with, “I you getting canceled now! Lol and if I pull this s*it out you would be done … just say upppp and ima up it,” followed by multiple laughing emojis.

The majority of fans agreed with Ak while simultaneously taking jabs at Meek, stating that he “doesn’t know what lol means or when it’s supposed to be used.” They have also pointed out that no one person can cancel another person, an entire army or mass of people is required. And it doesn’t appear that Meek’s fans are willing to back him.