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Meek Mill Blast DJ Akademiks Demands He Stopped Posting Him, AK Clapped Back

Meek Mill once again requests that DJ Akademiks keeps his name out of his mouth, or better yet off social media, and AK quickly yields to his demands.

Meek Mill is quickly becoming known more for his trolling tactics than his rap music and career. The rapper has been quite vocal about a variety of issues from Nicki Minaj’s hubby all the way to what he thinks about snitching. And speaking of snitching, Meek is most vocal about fellow rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, who he strongly dislikes and makes no attempts of hiding it. However, 69 is not the one to back down from anyone, and he steadily and quite easily puts Meek in his place, verbally assaulting him at every opportunity.

This is where DJ Akademiks comes in. He has been cited as a very close friend of Tekashi 6ix9ine, and he does not let up on posting all he can about him, and this would include 69’s multiple jabs at Meek Mill. This is definitely a reason for Meek to get all up in his feelings taking his anger out on someone who is more likely to not react with hurtful and violent words. Now, this by no means states that AK is a pushover, he just has a more respectful way of handling beef…sometimes.

The “All Eyes On You” rapper reached out to DJ Akademiks making it abundantly clear that he would like for him to desist posting about him. Seeing that this isn’t the first time he’s made such a request, AK calmly voiced his position on the situation posting on Instagram a video of Meek with the caption, “So.. y’all remember when meek told me to stop posting him and I did.. then he went on philly radio complaining that I ain’t posting his album… well today he asked that I stopped posting him. And I’ll gladly oblige … I don’t need no artist who don’t wanna be on platform. ”

He then plainly states, “There will no more meek mill posts after this on my platform. Too many other lit rappers for me to cover.”

While many fans have taken to calling Meek Mill a “drama queen” and a “cry baby” the majority is blaming AK, calling him a bully. One user wrote, “yall calling him a drama queen for trying to stay out of drama?? ak constantly instigating with his posts and yall know it.” Another added, “Cause you only post this sht that instigates drama. Then you throw in positive posts just to make it seem like you’re not tryna start sht . Don’t blame him.”

Let’s see just how long this anti-Meek posting ban will last, this time, around.