Khia Drags Lil Wayne For Stance On George Floyd Protest, BLM & Treatment Of Black Women

Khia read Lil Wayne his rights as she went off on him for his stance on George Floyd protests, the Black Lives Matter movement, and his overall treatment of black women including his daughter Reginae Carter.

Khia has been known to make sure her opinions are heard, and this time she is hammering the gavel (literally) after delivering a scathing judgement of Lil Wayne regarding his recent comments about the Black Lives Matter movement. In a video making rounds on social media, the “My Neck, My Back” rapper dragged Weezy for his controversial stance, calling him out for drug use and apathy, and denying him even an ounce of respect.

“You’re saying you’ve never experienced hate and racism,” she began. “And now you’re saying there’s nothing more we can do as a people about the wrongful deaths and the killing and murder of Black people that’s goin’ on in America.”

Khia’s response comes after Lil Wayne’s seemingly unsure stance on Black Lives Matter, when he said, “We have to stop viewing it from such a broad view, meaning we have to stop placing the blame on the whole force and the whole everybody of a certain race or everybody with a badge.” Khia went on in her reply to reference Wayne’s history of drug abuse, saying, “See, that heroin done went to your head.” Accusing Wayne of not caring about Black people he doesn’t know, she spoke about his daughter, Reginae, saying, “We bet you would think of more to do if Resume little stocky a*s had a knee on her neck. If she had one, I bet you would be ready to fight then, E.T., wouldn’t you?” She also accused Weezy of failing to practice love for Black women, saying, “’Cuz you ain’t never loved and Black b*tches that you f*cked with. You didn’t even love your mammy…your gritty, gritty, grandmammy.”

Apparently, knowing no limits to her roast, Khia continued, further slamming Reginae for her past relationship with YFN Lucci, who is eight years older than her. Khia exaggerated the age difference, calling 29-year-old Lucci “45-years-old” and concluding, “You ain’t do sh*t about that either, so we ain’t expecting you to do sh*t for us.” Khia finally handed down her sentence, declaring, “We the people sentence you to fall off the face of the Earth.”