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DJ Akademiks Show Off His Massive New Masion With Pool, No More Basement Jokes

DJ Akademiks
DJ Akademiks

DJ Akademiks is stunting on his haters with a new mansion for his birthday.

There is nothing quite fulfilling as being able to claim a tangible prize after a hard-fought battle. Popular Youtuber, hip hop commentator, and rapper DJ Akademiks as more than earned his place in hip hop, he decided to let fans in on where he will now be spending most of his time. “Backyard of my new crib… my bday present to myself .. I got every car u can imagine.. had to finally get the crib to match. Paid all cash. No mortgage . God is good. Chat N****s. this the blessings y’all supported me to get. Basement jokes can still fly tho,” Akademiks said as he panned his camera from left to right to show off the beautiful lawn and pool that make up is backyard space.

Akademiks migrated from Spanish Town Jamaica when he was just 10 years old. He would, later on, formed the “War In Chiraq” YouTube channel, which has since secured millions of views. He moved on to a bigger platform when he became the main man of Complex’s Everyday Struggle’. Over the years, he has also worked to curate content for the 3.1 million followers on his official Instagram account for AkademiksTV.

The popular host even tried his hand at rapping. He released his debut single “Blues Clues” back in 2018 and followed up with “Triggers,” “Chug Jug,” and “Lanes” with an assist from Tekashi 6ix9ine. The host uses the moniker Lil AK whenever he engages his rapper persona.

The move just goes to show that Akademiks is not scared to try his hands at new ventures and to ride with the unpopular opinion in order to secure his bag. The journalist has ridden challenges from many of hip hop’s biggest names over the years. However, he seems to still remain on his grind.

Go ahead and check out AK’s new crib below. The rumor circulating on social media is that the new place contains a McDonalds, DJ Akademiks’ favorite fast food joint.