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Gucci Mane Announces New Album “Icy Summer” & New Gucci Deal

We’re about to have a Gucci summer.

Everything is coming up Gucci, as rapper Gucci Mane reveals a new album drop, a new record label, and a clothing deal with luxury brand, Gucci. Since his release from prison, the “I Get The Bag” rapper has been on a very healthy and positive path. With his beautiful wife by his side, he has undergone a complete body change, now looking buff and sexy. It seemed all that time behind bars did him right as he came out rearing to go unleashing himself mentally and musically. Fans have been loving the he as he steadily promotes breaking new artists on his platform.

Today though, Gucci Mane apparently irate took to Twitter posting up a storm about snitching. The Atlanta rapper is definitely an OG in the game now, and his views on snitching are true to street code and rap culture. He’s firmly against it. Announcing the #PaperworkChallenge, Gucci requested that anyone who had receipts to prove that he has ever co-operated with the police, come forward, and he would reward them with $5 million.

“At this point you either with me or against me or in my way! Like I just got of prison on the 1st Day #CallMyBluff a lot of y’all work with the police,” he tweeted. He later added, “If Gucci a snitch show the paperwork I’ll give u 5 million #PaperworkChallenge#New1017 no rats can’t come around Wop!.”

After getting all that off his chest, he turned his focus to more positive matters in a series of tweets. Gucci Mane has steadily been releasing new music gearing fans up for what he has now announced will be a summer album drop. Along with the new album, he mentioned a change of label and a collaboration with luxury clothing brand Gucci.

“So Icy Summer name of my new album dropping July 3rd announcing my new situation,” he wrote. That tweet was accompanied by a shushing face emoji, perhaps alluding to him now being an independent artiste.

That tweet was followed up with, “Gucci for President 2020 my slogan it got to be In you not on you #New1017#GucciGlobalAmbassador @gucci.” After telling everyone to “Vote for Gucci,” he added, “It’s official I’m getting my own brand at @gucci I hope they ain’t lying.”

It is certainly shaping up to be one busy summer for Guwop. We’re not sure what we should be more excited about, his #PaperworkChallenge or his new album. Maybe even his sweet new clothing deal. Regardless, the “I Get The Bag” rapper is doing some big things!