Fans Feared Kim Kardashian Removed Her Rib After Seeing This Viral Video

Did Kim Kardashian remove any of her ribs?

Kim Kardashian has one of the most enviable figures in the world, but fans are now worried that she has ventured to dangerous measures to achieve it. At the 2019 Met Gala, Kim fully embraced the theme of “Camp: Notes on Fashion” by donning a nude-colored Thierry Mugler dress that was as sheer as it was covered in beads. Her look was inspired by Italian actress, Sophia Loren, who has a scene in drenched clothes in the 1957 film, Boy on a Dolphin. At the time, the mother of four said she was just as nervous for the Met Gala as she was for her wedding to Kanye West back in 2014.

The striking look was achieved with an old school corset that was made by French couturier Mister Pearl, but Kim Kardashian has now revealed that the undergarment went missing, and she jetted off to London to get a new one. She shared a photo of herself in the tight figure-shaper on Instagram, as well as a video that showed that it took no less than three assistants to strap her into the corset.

The post has now left IG followers wondering how on Earth Kanye’s wife managed to fit into the thing as it cinched her waist in incredibly tight. They have questioned whether Kim actually underwent extreme surgery in order to achieve the look. “Is this a joke? Where are her organs?” read one of the 27,000 comments, while another asked if she had had her ribs removed. The post has so far received almost 2.5 million likes.

While it is unlikely that Kim Kardashian will ever confirm the rumors, the Kardashians are not strangers to aesthetic procedures. Last month, Kim’s sister Khloé posted a photo of herself on social media, which fans suggested looked completely different to her normal self and that she had had surgery to alter her face.