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Drake Goes Heavy On The Base For His Next Banger Off Upcoming Album – Listen

Drake is going all the way in on the baseline for his next banger off his upcoming album.

Get ready for what is likely to be another hit album from, who Drake teases fans with an unreleased clip of a track. Drake is well known for making music that leaves a lasting impression. His songs and albums always receive major success, and his fan base is enormous. Whether it’s emotional break-up songs or tracks to get you off your feet, Drizzy has mastered his craft. This is why fans are anxiously awaiting the arrival of his new album, which is slated to be released possibly by as early as this upcoming summer.

Working hard to fulfill his fans’ desires, The 6 God has been making ample use of quarantine. While many would be relaxing and enjoying their new mansion, he seems to be all about recording his new music. Taking to his Instagram page, he posted a video showcasing his team at his Toronto house, on laptops and mobile devices preparing a new beat. And before you ask, yes they were practicing social distancing. As we were able to glance around inside his gorgeous living room, the most notable thing from the video was the sick beat blasting in the background.

Unfortunately, there were no vocals added to the track as of yet, so fans can only guess what type of song it will be. Interestingly, Drake is such a versatile artiste that it could be anything from a love song to a grimy rap, or it could be something remnant to that of one of his latest tracks, “Toosie Slide.” We’ll all have to wait and see.

Judging from what Drake said, we do know is that it will be a toned-down album in terms of content as he will be limiting the number of songs compared to his previous album “Scorpion,” which boasted an incredible tracklist of 25 songs. “Well, my last album, I went high volume. I did two sides,” Drizzy said. “It was like 20-something songs, which is a lot of songs. This album I’ll probably make it a more realistic offering. Something more concise. It could be 10, 11 songs – 16.”

Even with a decrease in quantity, we are certain that the quality will be better than ever, as is evident in the sneak peeks we have been receiving. Thankfully, summer is right around the corner.