D’Angel Take Shots At Bounty Killer New Boo, “No one can be compared to me”

D’Angel appears to take a jab at Bounty Killer’s new boo amidst comparison by fans.

42-year-old Michelle Downer, commonly known as D’Angel, is showing that there is none like her as she flows through the streets of Kingston, smashing the now popular “Vogue Challenge.” Her caption revealed that the shoot was more than a hint at her modeling talents, and was instead a way to address the comments made by her ex-lover a few days ago. Bounty Killer made comments after getting into a heated debate with fans over his current lady, Claudia Hybrid.

At least one fan thought that Claudia, with whom he was posing at his most recent birthday celebration, “resemble Angel.” However, the Bounty Killer delivered a heavy clap back, inciting that it was the “worst comparison” that anyone could have made. “They are far wide and apart in resemblance,” he barked before instructing the fan to, “Wash out ur eyes.”

The caption included in one of the images posts by D’Angel was all the evidence needed to know that she was clearly feeling some type of way about the Warlord’s comments. “You got it damn right! No one can be compared to me! Back to being fabulous, booked and busy,” she penned in the comments.

However, not everyone was keen on D’Angel’s approach to the situation. “Angel me love you but you could have kill the topic with something positive you don’t need this drama right now,” commented one follower, before mentioning that the person who made the comment only wanted to stir up a bit of controversy.

However, D’Angel was curious about what sort of drama she was pushing in her post, responding with a question, “What drama? I’m clueless … I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Another person questioned if Bounty Killer was actually the one who made the comments. “I doubt killa said a word. Somebody in dem feelings borrowed his phone. Dont see killa as the type to disrespect people with those nasty words. That was a woman type a cussing,” the user mentioned.

While not bashing Bounty Killer’s current bae another fan spoke up about just how remarkably different but hot Angel looked – “Like the first part of your caption so right different levels we talking about @dangelmusic there’s comparison then levels. look how you hot. jah know.”

D’Angel liked another comment that made fun of Bounty Killer. “@dangelmusic amen. You look real good. So lean mouth and his scare dem crew woman can stay behind the fence,” the comment went.

“Bounty gyal nuh have a ting ova u… one BBC Angel… u name so for a reason,” mentioned one user before another alluded that Bounty had no grounds for making the comparison. “Bright and out a order. No comparison round here. She can never stand next to you not even Kerry Hilson,” she declared.

For those who were not aware of the slight shade being thrown by the “Stronger” singer, the photos and almost 1-minute long cinematographic video served as a reminder that D’Angel was known for much more than her singing/deejaying abilities. The video done by Wray Allen, sees the lanky yet curvaceous Angel strolling through the streets of New Kingston.

D’Angel wrote in the caption of the video, “I strut, I pose, I serve! Ripping the frigging runway like that chick Naomi! Supermodel from birth! My first steps were legendary but the haters won’t tell you that! Never been fired, never retired!”

In another post, she uttered, “The catwalk is my domain. Who said I left? I own the runway. The challenge is only over when Michelle Downer shuts it down, and that’s Vogue!”

Do you think D’Angel’s response to Bounty Killer’s comments was warranted?