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Chance The Rapper Gave J. Cole A Big L For Dissing Noname On New Song

Chance the Rapper is not happy with J. Cole calling out rising rapper Noname on his new song, “Snow On Tha Bluff.”

According to Chance the Rapper, J. Cole takes a major L when he decided to subliminally diss his fellow Chicagoan in the new song that is getting widespread attention as well as scrutiny over some of its lyrics. On Wednesday, Chance took to his Twitter account to respond to and he didn’t mince his words. “Yet another L for men masking patriarchy and gaslighting as contructive criticism,” he tweeted.

In another tweet, Chance says that both J. Cole and Noname are his people, meaning he is friends or associate of both. Nevertheless, the Chicago MC is clearly picking a side and it’s not the Dreamville rapper. As a matter of fact, Chance wants him to watch his tone going forward. “They both my peoples but only one of them put out a whole song talking about how the other needs to reconsider their tone and attitude in order to save the world. It’s not constructive and undermines all the work Noname has done. It’s not BWs job to spoon feed us. We grown,” he tweeted.

Chance the Rapper says he is okay with constructive dialog, but is not okay with attacking each other as we share a common goal. This morning, J. Cole addressed the rumors that he went after Noname on the song, “Snow On Tha Bluf,” saying that he stands behind every word. “Morning. I stand behind every word of the song that dropped last night,” he tweeted.

It was a huge surprise on Tuesday night when Cole dropped the powerful new single. Like most of his previous work, fans immediately started dissecting the lyrical content and quickly learned that he was taking a few jabs at Noname, who had previously called out top rappers for not using their platforms to help fight for racial equality. He didn’t name her by name, by fans quickly put the pieces together.