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NLW Choppa Apologize To His Baby Mama For Twitter Rant, Reveals Baby’s Name

NLE Choppa told his baby mama sorry for his disrespectful outburst on social media

NLE Choppa is rethinking his past criticism of his ex-girlfriend, Mariah. The Memphis rapper took to Twitter on Sunday to publicly apologize to Mariah, seemingly wanting to make amends before the birth of their first child. “Wanna apologize for certain things I said toward the mother of my child,” he wrote. “No we not together but we both know how important it is to have positive vibes around the baby. So ready for this girl to change the perspective on my life. Can’t wait til I meet you clover, ON GRAPE.”

The post was the first time the parents publicly revealed the baby’s name, and was accompanied by a few pictures from the baby shower. Naming their daughter was apparently a point of contention between Choppa and his ex, as the rapper accused Mariah of keeping the name from him only a few weeks ago. He also accused Mariah of not wanting to keep the baby, writing, “Since yo selfish a** wanna keep a baby yeen even wanna keep, KEEP IT POOOH POOH. Folks deceive me as the bad person but in reality I wanted my baby to help me learn to love myself. Wanted a boy but God blessed me with a girl to learn to respect women more, sh*t fucced up.”

Mariah responded to the original Tweets, coming back at Choppa with accusations of being a bad partner and putting up a front on social media. However, now it seems all is peaceful between the new parents, and the two are rightfully prioritizing their child above meaningless drama. NLE Choppa repeatedly expressed his hopes of becoming a better man through fatherhood, and it seems he is already taking steps in the right direction to make that happen. Choppa’s baby girl is due July 10th.