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Rapper NLE Choppa Blast His Ex-Girlfriend Demands To See His Child

NLE Choppa is bashing his baby momma on Twitter over not letting him see his daughter.

Earlier this year in March, 17-year-old rapper NLE Choppa announced that he was expecting his first child. Though at the time he was hoping for a boy, his mini-me turned out to be a little girl. Either way, Choppa said at the time that he was hoping to learn a lot from the experience. “Hopefully I’ll Learn To Love myself and receive the love I never felt before through my child,’ he said on Twitter in March.

Now it looks like there is trouble in parenthood for this teenage dad. According to his more recent Twitter rant, his ex-girlfriend and baby momma Mariah has been withholding information about their daughter, and apparently he’s not seeing her either. “Damn can I at least know the name of my baby?” the rapper wrote on the social media platform.

He went on to admonish Mariah for his claims against her. “I believe in right or wrong. If a MF think it’s right to not keep them updated on they child y’all slow asf,” he wrote. “Ion care who I shot at just know every action got a reaction and iSTG every situation I’m the reaction I just act a lil mo violent. But aye f*cc ha finna got for #2.”

According to NLE Choppa, his baby momma didn’t even want to have the baby at first but now wishes to keep the baby away from him, and his disappointment lies in the fact that he won’t learn to love the way he intended through his child. “But aye since yo selfish ass wanna keep a baby yeen even wanna keep, KEEP IT POOOH POOH. Folks deceive me as the bad person but in reality I wanted my baby to help me learn to love myself. Wanted a boy but God blessed me with a girl to learn to respect women more, sh*t fu**ed up,” he tweeted.

Mariah has denied NLE Choppa’s claims and alleges that he didn’t care about the baby before and has never shown the interest that he seems to be so vocal about on the internet now. “a mf ain’t been worried bout MY daughter so don’t worry bout her now,” she said. “don’t do sh*t but come on this internet sh*t disrespecting me so bi**h you a outsider like everybody else. a h*e gone find out my baby name when everybody else do foh.”

Her rant continued with, “h*e BEEN to ONE doctors appointment and kept tryna leave to go play basketball. only showed up cause y’all was on his a## bout him not coming to the gender reveal. don’t do sh*t for me. don’t even check to make sure my daughter healthy. love starting sh*t.”

While it’s odd that the baby’s mother won’t even tell the rapper the name of his child, she says there is a reason for that but asserts that withholding a name is not the same as withholding a child. “How is not telling him her name keeping him from her? y’all h*es sound dumb asf. He not gone do sh*t but leak it or come on twitter acting like he do sh*t for me. i’m straighttttttt.”

“Mf check twitter more than he check on his ‘daughter’ but try to come on twitter like he ‘super dad’ and really gaf bout her,” Mariah added.

NLE Choppa previously expressed his struggle with depression and self-love and the fact that he was hoping his child would change his life. Though it can be considered a selfish reason to want a child, do you think it is more selfish to keep the child from her own dad?