50 Cent’s Girlfriend Cuban Link Seemingly Confirms Breakup

Cuban Link might’ve confirmed her split from 50 Cent in a new cryptic post.

It’s looking more likely that 50 Cent and Cuban Link’s relationship is a thing of the past. Reports circulated yesterday that the couple, who made their first public appearance at the sixth season premiere of Fifty’s show Power last August, had broken up. After once featuring all over Cuban’s social media, posts that included the “Candy Shop” rapper were suddenly absent, and the fitness trainer appeared to have moved back into her own apartment.

Cuban Link has given even more life to the split rumors by posting a message on her Instagram Stories about not forcing things. “This lady in the movie said ‘If you feel like you’re playing tug of war let go of the rope,'” she wrote before adding, “I thought that was interesting.” The post is cryptic for sure, but also hints that she and the New York artist have gone their separate ways.

Throughout the past year, the couple have shared many moments on their respective Insta accounts. 50 Cent teased the aspiring lawyer about working out in extremely expensive Chanel sneakers, and Cuban Link — whose real name is Jamira Haines — also teased her man when he claimed her cooking was bad. It felt like Fifty had finally met his match and had softened his tough guy exterior when around the 25-year-old. The two had even shared their hopes and dreams via vision boards to strengthen their relationship.

“We put the two vision boards together and talked about the things that don’t match up,” Fifty told PEOPLE. “It sparked conversations that we probably wouldn’t have gotten to randomly, and it was easier for us to express it because it’s so early.”

Cuban Link message/screenshot

50 Cent has yet to confirm the rumours that he is single one again, so it seems we’ll just have to rely on more cryptic posts from Cuban.