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Fetty Wap’s Estrange Wife Accused Him Of Physical Abuse, Fetty Respond

The marital life of rap-singer Fetty Wap has once again been put in the spotlight after his wife accused him of physical and drug abuse. 

Fetty Wap has faced several considerable controversies in the past over physical abuse allegations by women. Leandra Gonzalez, the estranged wife of the American rapper seems to be corroborating those past accusations now as she has claimed that he was physically abusive during their marriage. According to TMZ, Gonzalez has submitted a legal document against her estranged husband claiming that he brutally abused her physically shortly after they got married in 2019, and also cheated on her with multiple women. 

Leandra alleges that the “Zoo Gang” rapper forcibly struck her with a clenched fist which resulted in a black eye. According to Gonzalez, this happened when an argument between the former couple escalated into a physical assault. Additionally, she accused Fetty of having an affair with several women and even getting a tattoo of one of them on his wrist. Furthermore, she says the rapper took a trip to the Bahamas on New Yer’s Eve with one of his mistresses that she believes he had been seeing for a while. Add to that her claim that their marriage was marred by his alcohol and drug abuse.

Leandra earnestly hopes that the court will grant her divorce as she no longer wishes to stay lawfully married to the “Trap Queen” rapper. While her claims are still just accusations, for now, Fetty Wap has experienced many physical abuse allegations in the past. In 2015, the rapper allegedly threatened one of his children’s mother for soiling his personal reputation in an interview. In a video that surfaced online, he can be heard telling the woman, “I’ll be back to f**k you up. Do another interview and I’m gonna get this whole block shot up.” 

Also in 2019, Fetty was under investigation for brutally assaulting a woman at an Airbnb. That incident also came with video proof where the female behind the camera tells the rapper to hit her again, and he confidently obliged while being recorded.

Fetty Wap denies that he was ever abusive to his estranged wife in any way, just like he denied all the past controversies that we’ve seen on tape with our own eyes. He is yet to give an appropriate response to the legal document that Gonzalez has filed but it’s fair to say that his past might work against him during this lawsuit.