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Dexta Daps Drops Two New Singles “Bad” and “Twenty One” – Listen

A year ago, the following comment was left below a 2017 Akam Entertainment upload of Dexta Daps song “Bad Gyal 21.” “Dexta have a lot of songs he need to think about re-releasing, and this is one of them.” Well, this Youtuber got his wish granted early this morning after Dexta Daps released a remastered version of his track “Twenty One.” According to Dexta Daps Youtube channel, The song is “The first in a series of Dexta Daps 2020 Quarantine Remastered releases…”

The Ireland Records produced track got a facelift with a brand new cover art along with a bit more energy behind the kick drums and a bit more hiss to the singer’s vocals.

While the song is over 3 years old, it still packs a punch and embraces Dexta’s creativity and ability to make even the grittiest of lyrics sound smooth. “All Of His Gun songs, are low key love songs. He does goes extra on the melodies on the Gun Songs,” wrote another fan.

Another expressed appreciation for one of the song’s intriguing punchlines. “Bad gal circle him pon har cycle” that means blood a guh run! The amount a meanings this one line has, I just thought of five.”

The remaster and re-release should help “Bad Gyal 21” to reach a greater demographic of listeners. The recent upload has already clocked 66,212 views within hours of its release.

It seems fans are awaiting the other releases in the series in this new series. “It’s a remastered release, he’s planning to do it to other songs, changed the instrumental and probably the pitch and all, sounds like a new song, it’s smart to me generate more views and all straight fire #DopeSong,” mentioned one anxious fan.