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Iggy Azalea Says She Can’t Freestyle But Her Pen Game Better Than Most Female Rapper

Did Iggy Azalea just throw shade at some undisclosed female rappers, or was she just being honest?

Iggy Azalea has been facing pregnancy rumors for close to a year now, and though she has kept tight-lipped on anything of the sort, she reportedly gave birth to her and rapper boyfriend Playboy Carti’s baby last month. After her social media hiatus where she posted no pictures at all in 2020 until this month, Iggy has finally found the time to address a few things – unfortunately, it’s nothing to do with the baby.

Since she’s been posting more amidst all the talk of her just having a baby, perhaps as a deflection tactic, Iggy has also become more vocal about her abilities as an artist. The Australian rapper caught wind of a meme going around asking which female rapper we could count on to freestyle something if it meant saving our lives.

Though freestyling is not something we readily associate with female rappers these days, there are definitely some talented acts that are fire off the top. The meme picture showcased a limited list featuring Iggy, Nicki, Meg, and Cardi. “A gun is pointed to your head the female rapper that has your zodiac sign has to do a freestyle to save you, are you dead or alive?” it asked.

Though the rapper admitted that she’s not a freestyler, she says she got these other rappers with her pen game, though. “I can’t freestyle and that’s fine, but I can write the f*ck outta a song & half the girls can’t do that either,” Iggy said in response to the question.

Now Iggy has been scrutinized for her project efforts before, especially with her 2019 album “In My Defense,” which was criticized harshly. However, let’s not forget this is the “Black Widow,” “Problem,” and “Fancy” hitmaker we’re talking about, so not many ever really doubted her writing skills.

We would love it if the rapper would put her pen game to the test with a birth announcement of some kind, though, perhaps in the form of a collaboration with her baby daddy. Now that would be something.