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Keyshia Cole Pitched Verzuz Battle With Ashanti To Swizz Beatz & Timbaland

Keyshia Cole is toying with the idea of a Verzuz battle with Ashanti.

Following last weekend’s Instagram Live Verzuz battle with Ludacris and Nelly, which raked in close to 450,000 viewers, fans are eager for more of that nostalgia. Some are even trying to slip R&B singer Keyshia Cole’s ideas about battling Ashanti. The R&B singer revealed on Twitter that a fan sent her a setlist for the potential Verzuz battle between her and the “Foolish” singer, which included 23 of the pair’s greatest hits. The list featured songs from their early 2000s catalog all the way up to their recent releases from only a few months ago.

“My fans sent me this @timbaland @therealswizzz @ashanti @verzuztv is this accurate,” Keyshia Cole wrote on social media alongside a photo of the fan’s setlist. Ashanti and Keyshia Cole are both excellent vocalists who have had incredibly successful careers that have spanned multiple decades. There’s no doubt that fans would love to see a Verzuz battle between them come to fruition.

The singers have collaborated before on their song “Woman To Woman.” the title track for Cole’s 2012 studio album which charted in the Billboard Top 10. While Keyshia Cole teases the idea of her and Ashanti in a Verzuz battle now, she wasn’t the first to bring it up. During a recent Instagram Live Fat, Joe asked Ashanti what she thought about her “verzuz” Keyshia Cole. Her response was kept simple: “Listen, if they want to see it, I ain’t mad,” she said.

It sounds like both singers are up for it at this point. Fans are excited about the promise of more heartwarming nostalgic memories to come on Verzuz.