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Vybz Kartel Congratulates 16-Year-Old Son Likkle Addi Who Has A Baby On The Way

Vybz Kartel is about to be a grandfather as his 16-year-old son is expecting a baby boy soon.

One of life’s greatest quests is to be able to leave a legacy that the upcoming generation can benefit from. Vybz Kartel’s son Akheel Raheim Palmer, better known to the world as Likkle Addi, is already planting his roots and leaving his mark on the world, however, like many things that are associated with the Palmers the move had to come with a bit of flair and controversy.

Both 16-year-old Likkle Addi and his older brother Likkle Vybz have combined to establish the Uptown Gaza (UTG). As young and upcoming sons of the legendary Vybz Kartel, their musical responsibilities are enormous. However, Likkle Addi has seemingly doubled down on those responsibilities by becoming a teenage father. The revelation was made on his Instagram account last night when photos of himself and the mom-to-be were posted.

The images captured shots from what seemed to be a baby shower and birthday combined into one event. The backdrop which sported the words Oh Boy along with the sea of blue and white were clear indicators that the two are expecting a baby boy.

The young deejay and his mystery lady shared a few special moments, such as cutting the cake and posing for pictures while seated on their throne styled head chairs. Likkle Addi’s mom, Tanesha Johnson, better known to the world as Vybz Kartel’s baby mama Shorty, was also present for the candid shots as she stood between the two honorary figures.

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A majority of the images were removed from the account, leaving just one which showed the young UTG member standing beside his very pregnant mystery lady, which was simply captioned with a heart emoji. While the congratulations rolled in from the Gazanation, there were a few persons who expressed their disapproval of the move.

“Just another statistic…,” wrote one individual. Another stated, “Condom cheaper than pampers.”

“Him no ready fi that dey road yet, youth young should be focus on his career instead,” mentioned another user.

Vybz Kartel’s name was not immune to the conversations taking place across social media. Lyrics from songs such as “Teenage Pregnancy” and “Mhm Hm” were quoted to show that he has always preached the bearing of fruit, no matter at what age. However, not everyone appreciated the celebration of minors getting caught up in such a serious situation.

“If it was a little poor yute from the ghetto n a ghetto girl u would hear how them parents careless but true a kartel son it’s ok,” said another user.

Vybz Kartel has never been one to remain silent, and with his status about to change to grandpa, he took to Instagram address the critics meanwhile welcoming the union of the two families.

“One ting me can bet my life pon me never wish bad pon a next man child! Mi see picture a go round but If you never get lock up SHUT DI F**K UP! bless up mi G dem. @likkleaddi.utg x @likklevybz.utg happy Sunday #GAZANATION,” he wrote below an image showing himself and his boys.

He continued by sharing the image of Likkle Addi and the mystery female before captioning the post, “Congrats to me son & daughter and extended family #newgeneration #gazanation #whovex #gazarmy #1don.”

The forward expansion of the Gaza family has begun.