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Love & Hip Hop: Chrissy Lampkin Trolls Her Relationship With Jim Jones With This Meme

We might be locked down until Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones gets married.

Chrissy Lampkin is used to people commenting on her relationship. The reality star has put the details of her and rapper Jim Jones’ personal lives in the spotlight on shows like Love and Hip Hop: New York, and it didn’t take long for viewers to start talking about her lack of a ring. The couple has been together for over a decade, and yet they have never exchanged vows. Countless memes have been made about the duo, but it seems a recent quarantine-themed creation caught Chrissy’s attention. Lampkin posted the meme to her social media, which read, “We gone be on lockdown until Jim Jones marry Crissy.”

The meme was posted by Chrissy with the caption, “Dis how ya’ll done do me?” along with several laughing emojis. Clearly, Chrissy is still able to laugh at herself and the situation. The couple’s reasons for not getting married are complex, as viewers have seen on Love & Hip Hop. The pair discussed the prospect of marriage on an episode earlier this year, and Chrissy took some of the responsibility on herself for having never walked down the aisle.

“It’s partly my fault because I proposed to you. After that proposal, we didn’t get married because we weren’t ready, and you’ve asked for marriage after that and I wasn’t ready,” Chrissy admitted.

Despite choosing not to solidify their commitment with paperwork, Chrissy and Jim seem to have a loving relationship that has withstood the test of time. Talking about her other half, Chrissy said, “We have a crazy bond, nobody can tear it apart. We’ve been together, what, a million years? And if marriage never happens, I don’t feel a way about it anymore because marriage doesn’t complete us.” Perhaps this quarantine will be the push the couple needs to take the next big step in their relationship.

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?Dis how ya’ll gone do me ???!!!!! ????????

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