Reggae Songstress Lila Ike’s Debut Project ‘The ExPerience’ Drops Friday Amidst RCA Deal

Lila Ike

Reggae songstress Lila Iké is dropping her first official EP this Friday.

High off the success of her hot new single “I Spy,” Lila Iké is gearing up for her debut EP The ExPerience, which is scheduled to be released on Friday, May 15. Since the success of her first release “Biggest Fan” in 2017, Lila has grown into a well-rounded artist, elevating from strength to strength, and she plans to showcase just that on her upcoming project.

With a new record deal between Lila’s local label In.Digg.Nation and music giant Six Course/RCA Records on the table, it is expected that the singer will take it to another level by the time the year is completed. She spoke with the Jamaica Observer about “The ExPerience” and the timing of it all.

“I’m an artist and it’s what I do; music. The work never stops. Plus, everyone is online now and they are looking for new and fresh things to do and listen to, so I think it’s still good timing. Touring and performances will come, but for me to be able to do that, I have to put out music first,” Iké told the publication.

She went on to discuss what we can expect from the project slated for debut this week. “I’m a very dynamic person and I wanted my first project The ExPerience to reflect that. It shows my versatility as an artist. Singing and deejaying about different experiences we have as humans – something to show that we can all relate with each other one way or another.” She continued, “The EP came about because it was just the right timing. My songs, “Where I’m Coming From” and “Second Chance,” really put me out there as an artist and then after being a part of this label deal, mi say yes, man, it’s time now… it was ordained,” she said.

Speaking on her most recent deal with a major label, the songbird hopes to be a testament that females have a future in this industry, and with hard work, their efforts will pay off. Lila Iké, along with her musical mentor Protoje and labelmate Sevanna recently penned a deal with international label RCA Records. The agreement will allow them to operate as normal under Protoje’s In.Digg.Nation record label but with the added benefit of a major label’s support.

“The deal will definitely help with boosting my career as they’ll be able to put my music on a bigger platform and push me to a wider audience,” Lila explained. “I’m really looking forward to doing different types of music, meeting with different artists and brands, and learning more. The major labels have all the connections and I’m happy to be in the mix. I have creative control over my music and my visuals so having a giant behind all of that with genuine interest and support will bring the whole thing to another level.”

She went on to encourage other women in the industry to chase after their dreams and not feel limited. “Go out there and do it. Work hard and focus on what you want and don’t let anybody tell you cannot do it,” Lila encouraged. “You have to believe and know you can do something before anyone else believes in you. Have a good team and a support system around that understands your dreams and visions so they can help with keeping you on track.” With the inundation of extremely talented female artists bursting on the scene, there couldn’t be a more perfect time to show women just how possible it is to make it in the industry.

Lila Iké’s The ExPerience drops this Friday on all platforms. We are all excited to hear what she has in store for us with her first official project.