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Meek Mill Apologize For Attacking Tekashi 6ix9ine, “I’m sorry I lash out”

Meek Mill apologized for bashing 6ix9ine following the convicted rapper’s record-breaking comeback.

Yesterday on the day of Tekashi 6ix9ine’s ultimate comeback, or as he would call it “him rightfully reclaiming his throne for King of New York,” or has his mother would call it “his birthday,” Meek Mill fired off a series of tweets in his signature rant form. They don’t call him Meek “Twitter Fingers” Mill for nothing. Not only did he say no one should support Tekashi 6ix9ine, but he also suggested that the rapper has a target on his back. We don’t know if it was a more level headed figure or Tekashi 6ix9ine’s record-shattering success, but Meek Mill quickly ate his words shortly after the back and forth on social media.

After 6ix9ine clapped back about Meek failing as a father for choosing to give the rapper his attention instead of his new son; and still pining over his now married and likely pregnant ex Nicki Minaj, the New York rapper had all the clapback points. Then his new music video and song went live, as did he, and the rest was history – literally.

First, Tekashi 6ix9ine broke YouTube, but he didn’t stop there. After 4 hours, four times the viewers and inevitably gloating about that 16 million on the ‘gram, the rapper set his sights on breaking Instagram too. Alas, there is a new Instagram Live record of over 2 million concurrent live viewers thanks to 6ix9ine’s very detailed account of why he snitched.

Taking to Twitter to make his apology, though perhaps prompted, Meek said, “I’m sorry I lash out sometimes when I see people playing like that lol I been locked up too many times like a animal,” he wrote. “Sam change my passcode and don’t give it me nomore.”

The numbers don’t lie as they often say, and this was the largest scale of internet-breaking that we’ve seen in our time. Even Meek Mill apparently could not deny or ignore the fact that he was witnessing this 24-year-old rapper not only create history but rewrite it. A snitch was doing numbers that no one even thought possible. As the story goes… and so Meek said he’s terribly sorry about before.

The rapper did admit in his apology tweet that he’s “been locked up too many times like an animal” so that sheds some light on his perspective. However, it’s clear that whether Meek is a fan or not, 6ix9ine will still be wreaking havoc across the numbers board for some time. His official music video, which was released on his birthday yesterday (May 8) for his new song “Gooba” has accumulated over 30 million views in less than 24 hours.

Hey, even Tekashi 6ix9ine himself said he would hate him too, so Meek Mill is allowed to. It’s just that Sam should probably listen to him and not give him his passcode back.