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Mavado Ignores Beefs Drops “On My Mind” For The Ladies, Listen It

Mavado releases “On My Mind” for his ladies.

A smoothly crafted DJ Frass produced beat is once again transformed into something magical by the Gully Gad. One of the factors which contribute to the potency of the track is that this is one of Mavado’s last efforts for the ladies in over a year. It feels almost insulting for his female fans since the MVP man is quite revered for his slow, sultry dedication of love and lust to the fairer sex.

“On My Mind” follows a familiar formula from other Vado hits, making it fitting for anyone who enjoys a sultry ode to bedroom satisfaction. Evidently, this new lover does something different for Mavado, which merits a constant place in his psyche.

“Wa come fi har daily emotion / me a go hard she say f**k pon a slow song / you say born with the gift you a the chosen so you good pu**y gi yuh wedding program,” he sings through the verse.

DJ Frass and Mavado have many hits between them, with topics ranging from guns to social commentary, as well as, a plethora of the productions are indeed geared towards the females.

The fans are loving the new release and cannot help but take a trip down memory lane to revisit some of the other classics. One person wrote, “At it me gad…. Feel like a now the ladies them want hear you voice me fren….song bad yf !!!….deh song yah drop inna d #BadNuhBumb*cl**tt category… Right beside #HeartBeat. #PonDiThing #Makeyouloveme and rest a bad girl song them with notes like these.”

Go ahead and check out “On My Mind” below.